Google Nexus Keyboard (Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard)

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Google Nexus Keyboard (Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard)

Post  eyeshield on 28th May 2013, 06:25

This is about ''Makers G10 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Aluminum Protective Case for Google Nexus 10''
This keyboard have features :
-Bluetooth 3.0 interface
-high build quality and high end streamline aluminum alloy body;
-300mAh built-in battery to make it standby for 30 days,work for 5 days;
-many function keys to simplify your operation with your Samsung tablets and make your Samsung tablet life easier;
-smart sleep mode to save power;
-quiet keystrokes for 20 million times;
-Dust-proof design;
-keys made of high end ABS material;
-stylish look and sturdy assembly.
-home key to switch between Apps.
The price only $39.99 USD from


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